That’s all, folks!

Can’t believe we have reached the end of the course – feels like we only started with First Thing yesterday! The spring has gone so fast. I really have learned a lot, discovered things I never thought would be useful in my research and signed up to things I probably would never have found myself without this course. What have I enjoyed most? It’s difficult to select just one thing, but I really liked LibraryThing – recommended it to my mum too as she works in a library and reads a LOT. In terms of least enjoyment – probably those things I already was very familiar with such as Facebook and Twitter (which I still don’t understand by the way, even this course couldn’t change my mind about that). But overall I have enjoyed reading other people’s blogs about their experiences and about what they are researching. We really have an interesting and supportive research community here at Huddersfield!

So, with that, I shall leave this 221th most happy blog (love that analysis tool by the way, although it did get my age wrong but nothing bad about appearing younger than you really are!) for a while, with hopes to come back to it some day. Cheerios all “Thingers” and hope to see you around!

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Week 8

I was just sitting in on some MSc Forensic presentations today and was actually surprised about all the different videos they used for illustrations, all from YouTube. I have used YouTube for music videos, TV shows and some sports events but haven’t even thought about its role in research before. I tried to find some videos about my field, but not much was out there – so here’s a little video about Jack the Ripper for you all:)

Podcasts are another thing I’ve been aware of but have never used – I happened to have iTunes open on my computer so decided to take a look into its podcasts. I found some psychology/forensic psychology podcasts but I don’t think the RSS feed thingy works with iTunes unless I’m again blind and can’t locate it. But I do like things like CNN news updates over there.

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Week 7

Easter really is strangely late this year but I’m hoping it will mean weather will get better (read: warmer) by then and there will be flowers blooming and all that. Thought I would get this week’s Things done immediately as it looks like I’ll be rather busy for the rest of the week…

I looked at and tried to search for psychology-related people/groups/workflows but there wasn’t much. It seems to be directed more for those in biological sciences, at least on first glance. I actually liked better and there were some interesting looking projects in the area of history – I’ve always been interested in it, especially ancient history – as well as literature.

I love Wikipedia! Sometimes, if I have nothing to do, I just go on Wikipedia and start reading articles on random things such as cities I’ve visited or movies/TV shows I like etc. and most of the time it is the first point of information, mostly as it almost always comes up first in a Google search. I wouldn’t use it for research though – I don’t think it’s reliable enough. I searched for investigative psychology and narrative psychology – the former was pretty good and correct, citing some books but, as Wikipedia points out, needs additional citations for verification. It’s quite short as well. Narrative psychology article has multiple issues, no sources, just pointing out to some names on the field. There’s also not much information at all and what there is is fairly confusing. There was nothing under the discussion tab for either of these.

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Finland by Juha Helosuo
Finland a photo by Juha Helosuo on Flickr.

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oxford by finnstardust
oxford a photo by finnstardust on Flickr.

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Week 6

To catch up, I’ll post two weeks’ things in a row. Flickr – heard a lot about, never used. I’ve been using Photobucket to share my images before and of course now with Facebook pictures can be put on there easily enough. I think Photobucket also allows tagging but if not, that does seem like an useful feature Flickr has. I decided to look for photos of Finland and I’ve posted one on this blog, as well as an old photo of a church at the Oxford University, which I found at The Commons and thought looked very pretty.

Photo etiquette, especially regarding children, is an interesting issue. I used to work at a newspaper and I remember doing an article about a school which included a picture of some students. Before it could be published, me and the principal of the school spent a fair amount of time contacting each and every one of the children’s parents, asking for their permission to include the picture in the article. It really is an important issue, especially with children and young people.

Mappr looks really cool and is something I’d love to try one day. Having travelled quite a bit, I would love to create a world map, place some of my photographs onto it and put it on my wall. Seems like Flickr will be quite useless in this respect, however, as it says that Mappr is no longer processing images from Flickr…

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Week 5

This one is heinously late as I was so busy last week 25 Research Things just completely slipped from my mind. Oh well, better later than never, as they say.

There really are lots of new things this course teaches, at least for me: I had never even heard of anything like SlideShare or Prezi. I tried searching for presentations in investigative psychology, criminology and forensic psychology and while it came up with lots of presentations advertising career options and paths, there were some interesting ones by students as well. Took me a while to learn how to operate them though…I like the idea of Prezi, zooming around the canvas through the items, but I’m not sure I would choose it over the trusty PowerPoint, at least not right now.

Google Docs is very useful and I wish I had remembered it existed last term when I was working with other people on group presentations. It probably would have been easier to use Docs instead of sending each other an email after email, each containing a slightly moderated version of the presentation. Oh well, I’ll know better next time. Creative Commons and the whole licencing thing actually makes my blog feel very important, hehe. However, I cannot figure out how to get the logo onto my blog. Am I supposed to just copy the long HTML code and paste it here? Because it stays as the long HTML code instead of transforming into the nice logo shown on the website.

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